Booty Barre

tbb-poster1 Booty Barre®

is a fast-paced, 55-minute full body immersion that fuses dance, Pilates and sculpting exercises at the ballet barre to give you a chiselled body – and fast!

The method creates longer, leaner dancer-like bodies by incorporating strength, flexibility and endurance into one complete workout.

Booty Barre® gives you:
• Toned arms, sculpted thighs, a lifted booty & strong abdominals
• Greater body awareness, improved posture & flexibility
• Improved endurance & overall energy.

Suitability: All levels.

Our classes are small with a maximum of 10 in each class. This way our instructors can be sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Please note – If you have any injuries and/or are pregnant, we recommend you book a private session prior to joining a class. The classes are fast-paced and if you require specific modifications, they must be learnt outside the class.