Online Classes

These are mini-workouts ($3 USD) and full classes ($30 USD) for your home and holiday. Each workout you purchase is a once only cost that you will have streaming rights to forever.

If there is anything in particular that you would like to follow along to, let your instructor know (if you're local) or email us at so that we can film it for you. We are able to incorporate any of the small apparatus or bigger equipment that you have at home, so the variations or specific exercises for your own body and focus can be at your fingertips.


Matwork: Open Level

Amanda Platts Matwork:

Open Level Chest Opening Sequence i


Matwork: Beginner Level

Helen Tardent Matwork:

Preparatory Level Abdominal Sequence xxii


Alex Aun Matwork:
Experienced Beginner Abs i


Matwork: Beginner-intermediate Level

Helen Tardent Matwork:

Beginner-intermediate Abdominal Sequence xxii


Matwork: Intermediate Level

Alex Aun Matwork:

Intermediate Abs i


Helen Tardent Matwork:

Intermediate Matwork & Thera Band xix


Matwork: Intermediate-advanced Level

Helen Tardent Matwork:

Intermediate-advanced Abdominal & Core Sequence with Chi Ball xxii


Helen Tardent Matwork:

Intermediate-advanced Lower Abdominal Sequence with Chi Ball xxii


Matwork: Advanced Level

Alex Aun Matwork:

Advanced Abs i