Pre & Post Natal Classes

At Pilates Moves we welcome you as a mum-to-be in our safe and specially modified Circuit classes. Our classes incorporate exercises that improve the overall strength of your body and prepare you for the birth of your child and beyond, in a safe and stimulating way.
If this is your first baby we highly recommend that your partner joins you for classes as well. It is a lovely way to bond and every moment of quality together time before your little package arrives is time well spent. On the practical side you will both be lifting, holding for long periods of time and getting into some VERY awkward positions when transferring between your pram, cot or car. You may even want to get your parents on board! We believe that it takes a village to bring up a child and post baby injuries happen to us all. The stronger and more prepared you (and your village) are the better you will all fare. If this is your second, third or fourth baby you already know the benefits of staying fit (and sleeping!).
After the arrival of your baby, we are also keen to help you get back into shape and offer Circuit classes that allow you to exercise in a gentle, effective way. Make sure you have had your 6-week clearance from your doctor before you attend your first class and an indication of how much abdominal separation (if any) that you have. We also offer specially booked mums, dads & bubs Circuit classes for non-mobile babies. You will need a minimum of four participants for these classes and your mothers/fathers groups are a great way to gather a group together.
Our Circuit classes run 7 days a week, and because our pre & post natal Circuit classes are run within our daily scheduled Circuit classes you have an enormous number of options, so that you can work out at a time that suits yourself and the other factors in your life (such as juggling other little ones at home, working and your own energy levels).
As a family friendly studio we now have had the honour of training 3 generations of clients and their children. It brings us enormous pleasure to support you in your journey and wonderful to think that one day your own children may start their Pilates journey with us.